Commercial Insurance Agents work for insurance companies and are responsible for offering and selling vehicles, property, and life and health insurance to individuals and their businesses. A good commercial insurance agent does not only offer a good package that suits a client, but also someone to trust.

His functions are equal to those of a Seller, in this sense; this professional must be familiar with the entire range of products and services, as well as with the company’s policies. Likewise, these individuals must interact directly with customers and assess their needs, among other aspects, to offer them the product that best suits their requirements.

It is common for people to confuse the role of Insurance Agents with that of Insurance Brokers, but the former usually work for an insurer, promoting their products and services; while the latter work independently and can promote services from several companies. However, the work of both usually complements each other, considering that Insurance Agents offer the company’s products and services to Insurance Brokers, who, in turn, offer them to customers.

Importance of good insurance agents

In short, an insurance agent is a person whose job is to advise clients on the different insurance products available on the market and find the one that best suits their needs.


They can also act as insurance brokers, that is, as intermediaries that help clients in procedures such as:

Whether it is an insurance agent, or a professional linked to an insurance company, they should possess and try to enhance the following qualities:

How can an insurance agent help you?


The help of an insurance agent can be useful throughout your life, as they will advise you to obtain the best service.

How can I find a good commercial insurance agent?

One way is to ask for references. But we must also understand that the main function of a good insurance agent is to advise you and help you determine our protection needs. The key is to find out if the company and the agent are a good fit for you.

It means getting to know the clients better, asking questions about family, learning what are their top concerns regarding the company or business, understanding your priorities, and knowing your financial standing. In other words, listen.

A company or agent that offers commercial insurance will focus on showing you not only their references, but their human and empathetic side as well as being backed by years of experience and, above all, knowledge about commercial insurance.